Need a vaca from the consistent inconsistent....

It’s Monday, 6am and I am up! I try to hit the snooze button on my phone to get in a few extra minutes of sleep in but what’s the point. My boys will literally jump into my bed one after the other in a few minutes so why not be prepared. You always think they are going to be super duper chill about it but about 2 minutes under the cover they they start fighting over the cover.

My husband is usually up getting ready for work or has already left. Inevitably, I’m forced to get up and grab my yelling 1 year old daughter on the way downstairs because she is too little to climb out of her crib.

I have grown to expect the day to day to be one crazy sitcom after the next in my world so that's no worries. But, I know as we get older and family starts to grow it’s everyone’s norm.The issue is getting to a place where we accept this daily wild fluctuating routine. I mean when I have a few minutes to think I often wonder how healthy this is. It’s a bit concerning and even when I try to come up with a new norm something always changes.

I always struggle with keeping up with the monthly schedule that I set for the kids, whether it’s helping with alphabets, writing, counting, manners. I fall short of the weekly schedule consistently. After I get them ready for bed, bathing and pick out their clothes for school I try to relax. But, after it is all said and done at this point I am a zombie.

I say all of this to say I need a vacation. Something more than me time, but how often should we as moms have a vaca...seriously running a business, running a house, raising 3 little ones, having 1/10 of a social life, church, family and more it is all exhausting.

How many vacations are too many?

Until we get our much needed vaca here are some useful tips to help us with some peace....

*Attempt to wake up at insane hrs of 5am or 6am…but please note that it is playing Russian roulette. One of your munchkins may wakeup and ruin your plans

*Have a spa day at least once a month. I mean at least get a foot massage or back massage

*Check in a hotel and have a mom day…now truth be told I have not done this yet but it is on my radar. I just need to figure out how to actually spin this without my husband thinking he can do the same thing. That is a no way… Lolol… We are mom’s we deserve it.

*Plan and commit to a girls trip at least once every 2- 3 years. I say this because me and my best friends have been planning a girls trip since we all got married 7 years ago. However, we have either had babies, were pregnant, nursing or raising babies for the past several years. We finally are at a point where we can commit to a trip. However, I know this will only take place every couple of years but we will have laughs and memories to last a lifetime.

Persevere and deal with the day to day frenzy of your funny life sitcom called motherhood. Look forward to the moments of preplanned mommy downtime and try sooo hard not to get to caught up into the routine. Trust me it’s a journey which I am still navigating.

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