As always, I'm late to the party...

So it's kind of past mid February, and I am finally getting to this post. As a part of my vision for 2018 and my Rocking Mommypreneur Movement I wanted to do better with Social Media, weekly blogging and more. I am still literally trying to find my mojo with this but Iate or not, it's all about getting stuff done.

So, what if I don't have a crap load of followers yet! So, what if I'm not posting the best photos, started or even finetuned my business plan with this. It's better to show up then not to right. If this were some years ago before 3 kids and a husband and my own company there would be a lot of progress up to this point. But there isn't and that is ok.

I am going to set attainable goals, chat it up with my #BYOBWINEANDCUPCAKES monthly group and see where this goes. Here is what I know, God planted some vision in me for this. Each time he reveals something to me I move on it. I kind of have to. I don't know about you but when I am asked to move forward with my purpose I have to respond to it. Even if I do show up late I show up.

So here is to a year of mistakes, 2nd chances, 10th chances and more. Here is to a year of showing up late to the party. But guess what, this movement, this plan, and this mission deserves an entrance. But think about it, you can only make one if you are as always, late to the party!!!!

#byobwineandcupcakes #mompreneur #bossupmommy #dmvmompreneur

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