Why is it that when you become a mother you have to disappear into the woodwork. The minute you have a baby, a husband, or partner it’s not about you anymore. Well Shelita White, , begs to differ.


She was born in Houston, Texas and now lives in Washington, DC with her husband and 3 kids, all of them 7 and under. She established a music and arts company, Just Rock Enterprises, where the mission is to foster confidence and creativity among aspiring indie artists of all ages.


A mere 6 years ago, Just Rock grew from a one-woman show into a small and strong company with over a couple of dozen instructors. The Just Rock faculty was instrumental in spreading her message that independent artistry was within the grasp of every student, no matter how young or old.


But here is the thing, while building Just Rock she was building her family as well. During these early years she got married and had 3 kids ( 22 months apart!!) Slowly her energy and business acumen grew out of the startup phase.   Some may have called her tenacity and hustle risky, bold, and downright crazy. But she didn’t.


In fact, she loves sharing her story through her her monthly BYOB Wine and Cupcakes workshops, her podcast, programs, events and more for Wompreneurs and students.


Through her unconventional business approach she is inspiring a growing community of women open to sharing their struggles, and story. She provides advice and business tips all while still running her growing company Just Rock full time. 


While Shelita is still a self proclaimed work and progress, she hopes to help you develop your own path as an entrepreneur through her workshops, podcast and events.

"Ok, I must say you're in for a treat with this read. It’s a unique take on a business how to book for moms, wives or anyone in a relationship"


- Dr. Clare Parsons, PHD in Comparative Literature, Harvard

-Lecturer, University of Maryland, English Department

Review from The Rocking Mommypreneur Book 

“If anyone can help us Mommypreneurs get clear about how to be successful while juggling family life, it's Shelita Vaughns White. The Rocking Mommypreneur wastes none of your precious time with the fluff. Shelita offers practical, simple and actionable solutions on how to get your idea out of your head and into reality."

                                                                                          -Dr. Dionne C. Clemons, Howard University

                                           - Clemons Consulting, LLC

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